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Faith, Mental Illness, and Demanding a Blessing
Kate Landis

Kate Landis grew up in the American Baptist Church, the child of a music director and a deacon. She left the church in her late teens, after surviving major depression and a handful of suicide attempts. She became an activist, feminist, punk, and self-described rabble-rouser, and through activism found a spiritual community with justice at its core and a faith that could hold it all—her mental illness, her fire, her spunk, and all of her questions—a loving, stubborn grace.

With unflinching honesty and humor in the vein of Cheryl Strayed and David Sedaris but a raw tenderness all her own, Landis chronicles the hardest parts of her young adulthood as well as her poignant journey to faith and community.

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  • Published : 13/04/2021
  • ISBN : 9781558968578
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Skinner House Books
  • Size (mm): 140 x 216
  • Category: Religion
  • Pages : 336
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