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Nourishing Recipes for Every Stage of Your Reintroduction Protocol
Kate Jay Foreword by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne

The AIP diet is quickly gaining ground as the top health-supportive diet for autoimmune conditions. To follow this elimination diet, inflammatory foods are removed for 30–90 days. After the elimination period, the foods are then reintroduced in four stages to see if they can be tolerated. While eliminating foods can be daunting, the reintroduction phase of the diet is the most anxiety-provoking and failure-prone part of the process for AIP followers. Each stage of the reintroduction must be done methodically and carefully so that an autoimmune flare is not triggered. 

AIP Qualified Coach, Kate Jay of the popular blog Healing Family Eats, eases the challenge of reintroduction by guiding you step by step through every stage. One hundred tantalising recipes, divided by stage, add pleasure to the process. Enjoy:
· Spice-Spatchcocked Chicken with Lime Gravy (Stage 1)
· Pear, Raspberry, and Cardamom Galette (Stage 1)
· Roasted Pomegranate Carrots on Whipped Tahini  (Stage 2)
· Strawberry Vanilla Chia Seed Parfait (Stage 2)
· Lentil Ragu on Rutabaga Noodles (Stage 3)
· Blackberry Streusel Muffins (Stage 3)
· Vietnamese Pork with Noodles and Roasted Peanuts (Stage 4)
· Rice Pudding with Blood Orange and Saffron (Stage 4)

Along with the recipes and food lists, she offers best practices and troubleshooting advice, including how to handle an unsuccessful food reintroduction and when the next stage can be introduced. 

Let THE AUTOIMMUNE PROTOCOL REINTRODUCTION COOKBOOK be your reassuring companion as you take the next step in your AIP journey.

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