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Practices for Connecting with Nature Spirits
Thomas Meyer

We all live in the realm of elemental beings. They permeate our souls, our thoughts, our feelings, and they co-create the world around us, yet we are completely unaware of them. They, however, are eager to be perceived and acknowledged by us because their future and ours are fundamentally connected.

Offering a look into the unseen magical world of the elementals, Thomas Mayer explains how elementals inhabit the etheric space that houses our emotions, feelings, and thoughts and act as the carriers of the emotional level of the world. Sharing his experiences with different elementals like fairies, dwarfs, and giants, the author reveals how he learned to develop and fine-tune his sense of perception and other supersensible abilities to make direct personal contact with the elementals.

Mayer provides insight into the elemental hierarchy from the low workers to the masters and the elemental kings, as well as Christ elemental beings, social elementals, and machine elementals. He also explores the adversarial forces like Lucifer and Ahriman that access the elemental world through the subconscious of humans and seek to destroy our elemental friends.

Through sharing his encounters with the elemental world, the author reveals their urgent call for help, an entreaty to anchor the elemental beings again in the awareness of humankind through recognition, acknowledgment, and conscious connection. Unless we succeed in this, the Luciferan and Ahrimanic forces will weaken the elementals, leading to the destruction of the natural world. Connecting with Elemental Beings is a call to support the elementals in their crucial, life-giving work through which they in turn support us in preserving the Earth we live on.

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  • Published : 10/08/2021
  • ISBN : 9781644112144
  • Format : Paperback / softback
  • Imprint : Findhorn Press
  • Size (mm): 127 x 197
  • Category: Spirituality and Inspirational
  • Pages : 160
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