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The Simple and Life-Changing Practice for a Happier You
Sarah Gregg

Flow is an optimal mental state that you can control, create, and experience every day. Once you learn how to master flow, your happiness will flow quickly and effortlessly as you use strategies to gain control over your life, focus on what matters most, and motivate action toward your goals and dreams. But how do you harness flow?

In FIND YOUR FLOW, life coach and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner Sarah Gregg reveals a powerful four-step journal system that can be applied to your everyday life. All it takes is a few minutes a day to help you find your flow through:
· Morning grateful flow—wake up happy as you start your day, writing words of gratitude and creating a positive mood that lasts all day.
· Forward focus—identify your priorities for the day to bring a sense of harmony and balance between what you must do and what you want to do
· Total flow—script your ideal day to spot opportunities, stay on course, and defend yourself against distraction
· Nighttime reflection—lean into the lessons that are showing up in life, spot opportunities to find more flow, and celebrate the powerful small steps you're taking each day to create meaningful life changes.

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  • Published : 24/11/2020
  • ISBN : 9781631066290
  • Format : Hardback
  • Imprint : Rock Point Gift & Stationery
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