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The Unseen Role of Emotion in Extraordinary States
Michael A. Jawer

Emotion, as it exists within and between people, underpins personality, spirituality and a range of extraordinary perceptions, conditions and experiences. These include déjà vu, phantom pain, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and extreme empathy, where people instantaneously feel the physical or emotional pain of another. Many gifted children, those with synesthesia and people with autism - not to mention highly sensitive people in general - report forms of innate “knowing” and even paranormal experiences. In this exploration of the role of emotion in non-ordinary states and abilities, Michael Jawer shows how the flow of our emotions and those of the people around us greatly influences the development of exceptional capacities and sensitivities.

Drawing on a range of scientific studies, Jawer explores how 5 remarkable kinds of people - individuals with autism, synesthesia, savantism, child prodigies and children who remember past lives - are linked through the biology of emotion and how a hidden emotional intensity underlies both autism and anomalous perception. He examines the psychological concept of thin and thick boundaries and how those with thin boundaries - those who are more environmentally sensitive - have a greater predisposition toward empathy, synesthesia, psi abilities and extraordinary states of perception. Sharing extraordinary examples, the author explores how strong emotion may endure through time and space, possibly even after death. He, also, looks at the emotional lives of animals, our soulful connections with them and how life-threatening emergencies can trigger amazing sensitivities and abilities in our fellow creatures.

Revealing the unseen role of emotion in mind and personality, Jawer shows that emotion is the binding force that connects us with one another, with all of life and with nature itself.

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  • Published : 18/11/2020
  • ISBN : 9781644110829
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Park Street Press
  • Size (mm): 152 x 229
  • Category: Psychic Awareness
  • Pages : 256
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