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How to be a change maker. Making decisions in a fast world. 20 thought-provoking lessons
Chris Grant

We humans are social animals. Our survival and success depend on our ability to operate within groups, but groups themselves can be places filled with danger, confusion or frustration.
Whether sitting at the head of the table; part of a team, or working things out alone, our capacity to read what's going on, and to intervene effectively, can make or break a campaign; a business; a medal quest, even a family holiday. But, with so much going on, above and below the surface, how can we decide what to say and how to act in order to steer things in the right direction?
In 20 accessible lessons taking you from theory to real-life application, BETTER DECISIONS sheds light on the enablers and blockers of effective decision-making; sets out frameworks through which to understand what's required and - above all - gives you tools and techniques to make better judgements, decisions and interventions right there, in the moment.

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  • Published : 04/11/2020
  • ISBN : 9781781319673
  • Format : Hardback
  • Imprint : White Lion Publishing
  • Size (mm): 150 x 210
  • Category: Self-help
  • Pages : 160
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