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Jesus' Lost Teachings on Woman How Orthodoxy Suppresses Jesus' Revolution for Woman and Invented Original Sin
Elizabeth Clare Prophet With Annice Booth

What was Jesus' relationship with Mary Magdalene? What did he teach about the role of women? Is God only male?

Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine explores these questions and much more as it unfolds Jesus' liberating teaching on Woman and on the true nature and destiny of the soul¯teaching that has been lost for thousands of years.

With detailed research and penetrating insight, Elizabeth Clare Prophet shows that Jesus actually broke with the tradition of his time and brought a revolutionary and freeing message for women that was later suppressed. She talks about why early Christian leaders denied Jesus' message on reverence for Woman and on the inner feminine potential of both man and woman. She also reveals the true relationship of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and why the concept of original sin, which was not part of Jesus' original teachings, was invented.

In these pages, you will also explore the principle and role of the Mother and the Divine Feminine in East and West from ancient times through the teachings of the Hindus, Hebrews, Christians, Gnostics and others. And you will come to see how the story of Mary Magdalene is representative of our own soul's journey and holds valuable keys for your personal spiritual growth and awakening.

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  • Published : 01/05/2005
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