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The Human Target Stories of People Pursued by Stalkers and the Devastating Effects on Their Lives
Rachel Cassidy

STALKED is a perceptive analysis of stalking from the inside - told by the targets, the stalkers and the experts who deal with the havoc wreaked by the people who harass or persecute others with unwanted and obsessive attention.

Rachel Cassidy, herself the target of a stalker, tells the stories of people who have been pursued by stalkers and the devastating effects that has had on their lives. To an outsider, the stalker's actions may appear to be minor indiscretions, but the unwanted constant attention, relentless harassment and utter terror of being a human target can have chilling cumulative effects. Sometimes the stalker's behaviour becomes violent. Dancing with the Stars former judge, Mark Wilson, had two dancing schools burned to the ground with his business at the time destroyed. The man who stalked Jodie Foster attempted to assassinate President Reagan to gain her attention.

With the assistance of forensic psychologists, lawyers and police who have represented and protected the people pursued, the author explores the psychopathology of stalkers, surveys the laws that deal with stalking behaviour and looks at cyberstalking. In the final section, Rachel Cassidy discusses how to survive a stalker and build a new life of achievement and hope.

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  • Published : 11/10/2018
  • ISBN : 9781925682496
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