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Igniting Cultural Transformation
Edited by Jasmin Singer Foreword by Aryenish Birdie Afterword by Michelle Rojas-Soto

ANTIRACISM IN ANIMAL ADVOCACY is a collection of writings by farmed animal protection advocates who are committed to exploring and prioritizing racial diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as they work to create a more just animal protection movement. The essayists were all attendees of the 2020 inaugural Encompass DEI Institute.
Essays include:
“From Speaking Up for Animals to Becoming an Antiracist,” by Rachel Huff-Wagenborg
“Using Research and Data to Create an Inclusive Animal Rights Movement,” by Brooke Haggerty
“How My Cultural Identity Informs My Animal Advocacy,” by Unny Nambudiripad
“Animal Advocates: It's Time We Move from Performance to True Antiracism,” by Aryenish Birdie
“Oppression without Hierarchy: Racial Justice and Animal Advocacy,” by Michelle Rojas-Soto
“How Racism in Animal Advocacy and Effective Altruism Hinders Our Mission,” by Michelle Graham

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  • Published : 25/10/2021
  • ISBN : 9781590566480
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