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The Unfolding Destiny of the Rebel Angels
Timothy Wyllie

During the angelic rebellion 203,000 years ago, which led to the quarantine of Earth and 36 other planets from the Multiverse, Georgia, an angel of Seraphic status, aligned herself with Lucifer and the rebel angels. After the rebellion, Georgia was permitted to remain on this planet and become a Watcher. Writing together with Timothy Wyllie, in this book Georgia provides her personal account of Earth during the second rise of Atlantis.
Georgia explains how the new Atlantis was home to the few surviving Lemurians and was rebuilt using ancient Lemurian construction techniques. She reveals how Prince Caligastia put Poseidon in charge of the new Atlantis in order to keep him from interfering with the Prince's imposition of monotheism in southern Palestine. She explores the rise of shamanism through the entheogenic use of power plants--first on the Islands of Mu, then in the Nile Valley, and later among the Aborigines of Australia. She also looks at the hidden history of Pharaoh Akhenaten and the privileged role of the Yazidi people in the spiritual evolution of the planet--and how even today the attempts to extinguish their culture is the work of Caligastia's agents.
Interwoven with Georgia's narrative of Earth's ancient history are her observations of Timothy Wyllie's current and previous lives, including his involvement with the Process Church, his struggle to leave it, and his spiritual activities after he left. Through her revelations, Georgia exposes the supreme significance of Earth in the larger Multiverse and how our planet is one of the worlds on which the rebel angels have been accorded the privilege of a mortal incarnation. Georgia shares her words, in part, to awaken the 100 million rebel angels currently living their human lives. She reveals how a mortal incarnation for a rebel angel is an opportunity to redeem their past and help prepare for the imminent transformation of consciousness as the rebel-held planets, including Earth, are welcomed back into the Multiverse.

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  • Published : 15/10/2021
  • ISBN : 9781591433682
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  • Imprint : Bear & Company
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