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Practices for Negotiating the Spirit World
Evelyn C. Rysdyk with Bhola Nath Banstola Foreword by Sandra Ingerman

There are few areas of our world where shamanic traditions have been preserved in their original context and form. Nepal is one of these rare and special places. In the shadow of the Himalayas, Nepalese shamans, known as dhamis or jhankris, are still consulted for healing and divination, as well as for providing comfort and maintaining harmony. Following the devastating earthquake in Nepal in 2015, shamanic teacher, Evelyn Rysdyk and 27th-generation dhami, Bhola Nath Banstola, decided it was time to safeguard Nepalese shamanic knowledge for future generations by recording the practices in a book.
With this comprehensive, experiential guide to the ancient spiritual traditions of Nepal, Rysdyk and Banstola present step-by-step instructions for authentic Himalayan shamanic practices, including techniques for physical and spiritual healing, shamanic journeys and advanced ceremonies, such as the Kalchakra Katne, a shamanic ritual for removing toxic energies from an individual. They include exercises to help you meet the ancestors in your shamanic lineage, techniques to use your voice as a shamanic tool and practices for negotiating the spirit world safely. They detail shamanic chants and rituals, how to create an altar and how to use the sacred objects of the dhami/jhankri, including the mala, the magic mirror, the drum and the Khurpa, the shaman's magic dagger. Rysdyk and Banstola, also, examine the importance of Nepalese cosmology in shamanic ritual and spiritual deities such as Hanuman, Garuda and the Nagas.
Illustrated with photos and Rysdyk's artwork, the book, also, explores the history of Nepal, its culture and myths and the different ways Nepalese shamans serve their communities.
Written specifically to share the traditional Himalayan shamanic method with the Western world, this guide not only preserves these ancient teachings, but, also, reveals how they are still relevant in the modern world.

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  • Published : 08/04/2019
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