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The 50 most significant food-related facts, each explained in half a minute
Prof. Julie Lovegrove

If you only have 30 seconds, there is time – using this book – to bone up on how to eat well. We're served a daily diet of food facts, fads and often far-fetched claims for what we put on our plates, which makes it difficult to distinguish healthy from harmful. With obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other life-threatening conditions rapidly  rising, it pays to understand that we are very much what we eat and that good food – in the right proportions and portion sizes – is essential for our health and well-being. Strip away the flab with this accessible, jargon-free, guide to good nutrition served up in manageable bites. From fasting to fats, enzymes to E-numbers, if you have an appetite for expert advice on real food, this is the perfect book to dip into.

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  • Published : 15/04/2019
  • ISBN : 9781782405535
  • Format : Hardback
  • Imprint : Ivy Press
  • Size (mm): 180 x 230
  • Category: Nutrition
  • Pages : 160
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