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The Heart of Therapeutic Touch
Dolores Krieger

Since the earliest times, healing has been regarded as one of our most esteemed spiritual practices. Yet no one has ever clearly defined the inner experience of the healer/therapist during the healing moment.
In this, her final book, respected Therapeutic Touch cofounder Dolores Krieger explores the energetic flow, intuitive knowing, and grounded centeredness that occur for a healer during a healing session. She shows how, as healers access their inner energies of compassion and intention, they are often led through a personal spiritual transformation or a self-awakening. Although Krieger focuses on the experiences of healers engaged in Therapeutic Touch (TT), she shows how this model for healing interaction resonates with the experiences of those practicing other healing modalities.

The author explains the fundamentals of the energy healing process and how the healer establishes communication between their own inner self and that of the person receiving healing--reminding the patient of their own self-healing ability. Sharing many case histories from TT therapists as well as results from scientific studies on Therapeutic Touch, the author reveals how intuition and experiential knowing are key to the healing process. She also examines the practice of compassion as power with compassion acting as the catalyst for an entire cascade of hormonal, chemical, and energetic responses in the healer, which she embodies and then offers to the person in need.

Delving deeply into the inner shifts that occur for the healer during and after a treatment, Krieger reveals how healing transforms the healer and how that transformation may elicit more profound and radical healing results.

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  • Published : 13/08/2021
  • ISBN : 9781591433934
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Bear & Company
  • Size (mm): 152 x 229
  • Category: Alternative Therapies
  • Pages : 272
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