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A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult
Peter Levenda Foreword by Norman Mailer

In June of 1979, the author flew to Chile - then under martial law - to investigate claims that a mysterious colony and torture centre in the Andes Mountains held a key to the relationship between Nazi ideology and its post-war survival on the one hand and occult ideas and practices on the other. He was detained there briefly, and released with a warning: “You are not welcome in this country.” The people who warned him were not Chileans, but Germans, not government officials, but agents of the assassination network Operation Condor. They were, also, Nazis, providing a sanctuary for men like Josef Mengele, Hans Ulrich Rudel and Otto Skorzeny. In other words: ODESSA.
First published in 1995, UNHOLY ALLIANCE was the first book in English on the subject of Nazi occultism to be based on the captured Nazi archives themselves, as well as on the author's personal investigations and interviews, often conducted under dangerous conditions. The book attracted the attention of historians and journalists the world over and has been translated into six foreign languages. A later edition boasts the famous foreword by Norman Mailer, a foreword that later became an entire chapter in his The Spooky Art. The book was, also, consulted frequently by Mailer as he was engaged in writing his final novel: The Castle in the Forest, about the life of Adolf Hitler.
How did occultism come to play such an important role in the development of Nazi political ideology? What influence did such German and Austrian occult leaders as Lanz von Liebenfels and Guido von List have over the fledgling Nazi Party? What was the Thule Gesellschaft and who was its creator: Baron von Sebottendorf? Did the Nazi high command really believe in occultism? In astrology? In magic and reincarnation? This is a new and expanded edition of the original text, with a lot of additional information on the rise of extremist groups in Europe, Latin America, Asia and the United States and the esoteric beliefs that are at their foundations.

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