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The Science-Based Plan to Lose Belly Fat and Get You On the Path to Greater Health
Julie Stewart

Passing a stress test is no guarantee that you won't suffer a heart attack. Coronary heart disease, the leading cause of death in women and men worldwide, is often a silent killer, striking even those who get a clean bill of health during routine checkups.
That's why we all could use a simple diet upgrade with a plan like THE 7-DAY HEALTHY HEART DIET. Even if you're not obese, carrying around too much belly fat can harm your heart. Studies show that people with high levels of belly fat are at twice the risk of heart attack or dying from heart problems.
The good news is that you can slash your risk of heart disease by losing as little as 5% of your body weight. That's about 8 pounds for a 165-pound woman or 10 pounds for 200-pound man.
This practical guide gives you everything you need to start losing pounds and improving your cardiovascular health. You'll get…
· A motivating heart health evaluation tool that you can share with your doctor.
· An easy-to-follow, 6-step plan of action based on the newest scientific research on weight-loss and heart health.
· A 7-day meal plan that eliminates guesswork and keeps you on track.
· Delicious recipes that cut sugar and sodium overload and rejuvenate your body with fat-burning, heart-supporting whole super foods.
· A super-effective walking program for the cardio and fat-burning benefits of high-intensity interval training without the knee pounding of running. You'll love it and want to recruit your friends to join you.
· A guide to eating healthier at restaurants.  
· And more!

THE 7-DAY HEALTHY HEART DIET is the ideal program for anyone who is concerned about his or her heart and wants to start getting rid of dangerous belly fat today.

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