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Tawaraya Sotatsu Edited by James T. Ulak Edited byJames T. Ulak

Tawaraya Sôtatsu was a commoner who introduced traditional Japanese themes and subjects, formerly the sole purview of the aristocracy, to broader audiences. He painted these nationalistic images using a bold, expressive new design style. This characteristic style was further developed and enhanced when he founded the historic Rinpa school with calligrapher Hon'ami Kôetsu; Rinpa works are marked by dramatic, stylized renderings of traditional Japanese themes. Essays by leading scholars from the United States and Japan focus on Sôtatsu's well-known works; his collaboration with Kôetsu; his varied roles as shopkeeper, compiler and court painter; and his influence over other artists, including Ogata Kôrin, Ogata Kenzan, Sakai Hôitsu and Suzuki Kiitsu. The book also examines Freer Gallery of Art founder Charles Lang Freer's role in introducing Sôtatsu and Kôetsu to the Western world. Sôtatsu is a must-have book for museumgoers, Japanophiles, art lovers and scholars.

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  • Published : 03/11/2015
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