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A Police Chaplain's Perspective
Thomas W. Shane

This book brings a balanced, spirituality-based perspective to the dead center of tragic human experiences--violent crimes, homicides, natural disasters, automobile accidents, suicides, child abuse, and more. Author and chaplain Thomas Shane tells dozens of often brutal but ultimately compassionate stories of what it is like to provide crisis pastoral care to those caught in the grim reality of such critical incidents.

As a police and hospital chaplain, the author has worked with law enforcement professionals for 30 years. His life is dedicated to the victims and families involved in tragedies, and particularly to the needs of police officers. These brave men and women are generally the first responders to crisis: they are the ones who hear the sound of a mother's grief, or first see the remains of the dead, or first bear the silence of those who are shocked and confused. Shane tells real-life stories of compassion in action. His words will both encourage and instruct other helping professionals to be might be better prepared to deal with their own and other's needs during a crisis situation.

The book gives readers an insider's understanding of what crisis ministry is about. Shane's approach is experiential, not theoretical. He candidly reveals his own struggles, doubts and fears, along with the courage, faith and hope that sustains his life and work. He even addresses the complex and challenging task of offering care and spiritual counsel to the perpetrators of crimes.

Topics include: general principles for working with police; helping people deal with guilt and find forgiveness; offering spiritual help to everyone; the real and personal risks in crisis intervention; death notification; chaplaincy and terrorism; what is the pastor's authority, and what is not.

While many good books reveal the theory of pastoral care and the dynamics of grief work, Crisis Pastoral Care borders on a memoir of life in the midst of disaster. It will inspire and educate front line law enforcement officers, EMTs and the chaplains who work with them, as well as grief counselors, psychologists and local clergy. Anyone who deals on a regular basis with the victims of crime and disaster will find this book an invaluable resource.

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  • Published : 01/10/2011
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