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Eight Courageous Moves to Counter "Never Good Enough"
Regina Sara Ryan and Shinay Trudeau

This book invites women of all ages into a conversation that challenges the pervasive lie of never good enough. This common subtext of modern life undermines a womans appreciation of her own inherent beauty and goodness. The authors recommend 8 Radical Moves that women can make, alone or ideally in the good company of other women, to take on this challenge, to deepen this conversation.

The Moves are radical because they aim directly at the centre of a woman's being, the inner space of her true nature, her basic goodness, rather than because they require any extreme actions. Nonetheless, the conviction that never good enough is a lie requires more than lip service. The authors guide readers in identifying the courage, strength and love they already possess, but habitually deny, to embrace and live by this conviction of self respect, day to day in mind, body and heart. They further encourage women to make this stand with and in the presence of other women to increase everybody's likelihood for success.

Regina Sara Ryan, author of numerous books in wellness, women's studies and spirituality (Wellness Workbook; Woman Awake; Igniting the Inner Life) is an elder in her seventies. Shinay Tredeau, a yoga teacher, lifestyle coach, dancer and emerging writer is a millennial in her twenties. Together, they bring to this warm and personal treatment a synergy of years of experience in contemplative spiritual practice and dynamic body discipline. Their message is addressed to their sisters, mothers, friends and students, of all ages; to any who suffer from the dis-ease of self-hatred in some form.

Each of the 8 Radical Moves provides a slightly different access to clearer self-understanding, leading to self-compassion. For some, the Move to Inhabit Your Body will be key to claiming (or reclaiming) a more loving relationship with themselves. For others, the Move called Learn to Fly will be just the encouragement needed to refine a spiritual search. Other topics include:

· the danger of comparisons with other women
· the need to face dark emotions, with compassion
· the power of friendship in the quest for self-acceptance
· the use of journal writing to articulate developing truth
· gratitude as a way of life.

This straightforward and challenging narrative is filled with dozens of personal stories, making it ideal for women's groups and book clubs to study and practice.

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  • Published : 01/03/2017
  • ISBN : 9781942493235
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  • Imprint : Hohm Press
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