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Wisdom and Wit from the Teachings of Lee Lozowick
Lee Lozowick Edited by Regina Sara Ryan Illustrated by Mia Ortiz

This book is an inspiring collection of short teachings taken from the writings and personal communications of American spiritual teacher, Lee Lozowick (1943-2010). From the raw and practical to the sublime and mystical, these quotations touch upon every aspect of life, calling readers to stop, if only for five minutes a day, every day, or any day of the year. Lee's words are invitations to contemplation, often giving a new spin to an old subject, and sometimes encouraging a complete about-face.

The title, "Just This," represents a primary tenet of Lee's teaching legacy. Since humans love to layer interpretations onto ordinary reality, and since most of those interpretations lead to confusion, anxiety, and more suffering, "Just This" asserts that we can return to the simplicity of what is, as it is, here and now. Dozens of his instructions focus around learning to unlearn, particularly the habits of the conclusion-making mind. With an appreciation of "Just This" as our foundation, we can see through layers of expectation and fear to make honest and clear choices or enact meaningful change.

Drawn from a wide variety of sources, including some never-before-published writings, Just This 365 addresses such important topics as kindness, generosity and compassion; good humor and good company; self observation; devotion and surrender to the Will of God; and presence and attention in everyday life and relationships. Not all deadly serious, however, some of these statements strike at the need to take ourselves more lightly. Lee Lozowick loved to make people laugh. He knew that laughter softened defenses, allowing his listeners to become more vulnerable to truth. Many of the quotes chosen here are included for a similar purpose.

Pithy quotes can serve as excellent reminding factors. They beg to be copied or printed out and posted around the house in places where they will be seen often, prayed, or even better, memorized. In the midst of difficult times, under stress, discouraged, hungry for comfort, the reader can take nourishment from these short inspiring reflections, and courage from these sometimes fierce injunctions

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  • Published : 01/11/2017
  • ISBN : 9781942493297
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