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A Communication of Ancient Wisdom
Wim van Dullemen

The teachings of the Russian spiritual visionary G.I. Gurdjieff (~1866-1949) are still being studied by an ever-growing number of people worldwide. While scores of books exist about the man and his teaching methods, few devote significant coverage to "the Gurdjieff Movements." These dozens of precise and mostly asymmetrical gestures, arranged into detailed choreographies for groups of practitioners, were designed by Gurdjieff himself. They are sometimes practiced accompanied by a haunting and highly-rhythmic piano music-developed by the master, with the assistance of Thomas de Hartmann, a distinguished professional composer and one of his earliest students.

This new book by author Wim van Dullemen reconsiders the eminent role of this vital yet often neglected component in the transmission of Gurdjieff's legacy. Dullemen, whose first Movements' teacher received her instruction from Gurdjieff himself, is in a unique position to offer background, theory and first-hand experience about this subject. He is a professional musician and a long-time practitioner of the Gurdjieff work who trained in these Movements and served as a master accompanist for the practice for over thirty years.

No book can "teach" the Movements, the author candidly admits, since the cosmology they rest within can only be learned in an experiential context from a teacher who has incorporated them at a level far beyond ordinary familiarity. The author makes no such attempt to detail them within the pages of his book. Far from an instruction manual, The Gurdjieff Movements, A Communication of Ancient Wisdom, offers invaluable insight into and greater understanding of the whys and wherefores of this third arm of the vast teaching that comprises Gurdjieff's complete communication: his books, his oral teachings, and finally his Movements.

Dullemen's treatment will appeal to many, including scholars, new or long-time students of the Gurdjieff tradition, musicians, purveyors of sacred music and dance, and the general public desiring an insider's view to a practice based in ancient wisdom. The author has skillfully integrated:

* autobiographical descriptions of the master Gurdjieff and others

* interviews with direct pupils of Gurdjieff

* diligent research within a wide range of firsthand sources

* descriptions of the scientific, cultural and social climate during Gurdjieff's time, and the possible relation between these and his teaching.

A fascinating journey with an experienced guide.

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  • Published : 01/06/2018
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