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Advice You Should Probably (Not) Follow
My Therapist Says

Have you ever wanted something, pursued it (albeit not quite as gracefully as you would've hoped), failed and then genuinely asked yourself the question, “Am I delusional?” Well, that's how I began penning this magnum opus. Like the Buddhist's have their Tripitaka, you have . . . moi. And my therapist, though it's unlikely she'll admit this in public. On the receiving end of one ghosting session? Needing a way to leave a work function without looking like a killjoy? Having a hard time developing amnesia about your last relationship? Fear not, as I cover everything from circumstantial etiquette to blissful delusion when necessary.

So, grab a pen, a box of tissues, a glass of wine and your bestie, because sh*t is about to get real. And remember, be yourself, be kind and all that jazz, unless you're a Susan*. If that's the case, try to be literally anyone else. Ugh, my therapist hates that I wrote that.

*Susan: Noun and verb. Unpleasant, annoying and delusional, the Susan is somebody who is literally awful in every way, is liked by no one, but has no clue, no matter how many open clues you give her. If you roll your eyes at this, you're probably a Susan. Uses: Susaning, Susanism.

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  • Published : 12/05/2021
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