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How to Recover From a Stroke and Prevent Another Stroke
Amytis Towfighi and Laura Stevens

No one is ever prepared for a stroke. It just happens and, when it does, the results can be life altering. From difficulties with communication to weakness, numbness and cognitive difficulties, a stroke can have a wide range of consequences. For most people affected by a stroke, a flood of questions come afterward: How did this happen? What do we do next? What are our options? How long will recovery take? Am I at risk for another stroke? Written in plain English, this useful guide offers all the information stroke survivors and their loved ones need to know in order to ask the right questions and make informed decisions.
The book is divided into four parts. Part 1 explains what a stroke is and which risk factors increase the odds of having a stroke. It, also, includes information on identifying the early signs of a stroke and what to do when they appear. Part 2 looks at the immediate care given to stroke survivors as they are brought into a hospital setting. Part 3 details the most common rehabilitation treatments given to stroke patients to help them regain their ability to carry out their daily activities, mobility, speech and cognition. These include occupational, physical and speech therapies. It, also, discusses a number of complementary and alternative treatments that may be helpful. Part 4 offers important suggestions on lifestyle and nutrition to help patients avoid another stroke. Part 5 provides a look at life after a stroke and the issues stroke survivors may face. It offers practical and easy-to-follow advice on moving forward. The book, also, offers a section of resources, listing services and agencies that provide answers and assistance to stroke patients and their families.
The many challenges of dealing with a stroke are great - for patients as well as their loved ones. The road back is not always easy. Understanding what is happening and what treatment options are available is crucial. The information contained in this book can greatly benefit anyone dealing with the aftermath of a stroke and make all the difference in the world.

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  • Published : 02/10/2020
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