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Modern Translations of the Three Founding Documents

The ROSICRUCIAN TRILOGY features modern translations of Fama Fraternitatis (1614), Confessio Fraternitatis (1615) and The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreuz (1616) with 30 original illustrations by Hans Wildermann.

Four hundred years ago, the publication of these 3 anonymous documents launched the Rosicrucian movement. Much has been written and argued about the movement - is it a myth, hoax or spiritual phenomenon? - and interest in it is far from extinct. Who were the Rosicrucians - an organisation of profound thinkers in rebellion against 17th century religious restrictions or an isolated brotherhood of alchemical philosophers and esoteric sages?

The story of Christian Rosenkreuz and his secretive order, as told in the Fama Fraternitatis, had political repercussions that continue to this day, while The Chemical Wedding is a landmark in European fantasy fiction. This present book offers the 3 founding documents in reliable, readable, modern English. Fully annotated and with modern introductions, these new translations explain the historical context, shed light on the beginnings of the Rosicrucian Order and bring this fascinating material to a wider readership.

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  • Published : 04/10/2016
  • ISBN : 9781578636037
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