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and magical creatures of the sea
Gillian Kemp

MERMAIDS AND DOLPHINS draws upon the ancient wisdom of the sea to harness the spirit of two of the ocean's most fascinating mysteries.

With the natural healing powers of dolphins and the magical songs of mermaids as your guides, delve deep below the surface to truly connect with your innermost thoughts and desires. Mermaids, dolphins and other mythical creatures of the sea are imbued with the magic of the deep. The mermaid, mistress of fateful beauty, reveals what is known and what is hidden. Her gift of prophecy will help you divine the future and she will tell you how to proceed in your affairs. The Lorelei predicts your certain victory and the Siren advises sweet charm to get your way. The dolphin, an ancient symbol of healing and salvation, appears with other power-creatures of the ocean who bring gifts of light and learning. Different dolphin species have distinct powers - the Water-Leaper, haunts fishermen and warns of entanglement, whereas the Bottlenose Dolphin will offer you epic adventure, true faith and courage.

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  • Published : 11/05/2018
  • ISBN : 9781782496076
  • Format : Mixed media product
  • Imprint : Cico Books
  • Size (mm): 135 x 160
  • Category: Oracle Card Decks
  • Pages : 64
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