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Music for Healing, Grace and Deep Communion
Patrick Bernard

Music for Healing, Grace and Deep Communion. Encoded with sacred sounds and mantras from various spiritual traditions, SPIRITUS provides a musical sanctuary you will treasure. Composed specifically with the intention of clearing past disharmony, opening new channels to the inflow of grace, restoring the balance and facilitating deep communion between all species, SPIRITUS will leave you calm, energised and one with all of nature. Includes 20 page booklet with detailed explanations of each mantra!
3 Tracks, 53 mins.
(cdzm, cdxm, cdzh)

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  • Published : 01/01/2008
  • ISBN : 63447971764
  • Format : CD -audio
  • Imprint : Blue Angel Publishing
  • Size (mm): 125 x 142
  • Category: Paganism
  • Pages : 20
  • Edition :