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Issue 30: Spring 2011-Spring 2012, Stones and the Powers of the Earth

Since 1971, The Witches’ Almanac has been the source of fun, wisdom, trivial and magical lore for thousands of readers throughout the world. Modeled after the Old Farmer’s Almanac, it includes information related to the annual Moon calendar (weather forecasts and horoscopes), as well as legends, rituals, herbal secrets, interviews, and spells. Read about Uzume, Goddess of holy hilarity; Orisha Oko, Divinity of the earth’s fruits, Celtic magic cauldrons and how Roman families bid farewell to their dead.

Insightful, entertaining, and filled with stunning graphics, this is the almanac on which thousands of readers rely every year. - and so much more

Although it is an annual publication, only about 15 percent of the content is time sensitive. Founded by Elizabeth Pepper in 1971, the art director of Gourmet magazine for many years, The Witches' Almanac is a witty, literate and sophisticated publication that appeals to many readers other than hardcore Wiccans. At one level, it is a pop reference that will fascinate anyone interested in folklore, mythology and culture, but at another, it is the most sophisticated and wide-ranging annual guide for the Wiccan enthusiast. Since its first publication it has sold over two million copies worldwide.

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  • Published : 28/10/2010
  • ISBN : 9780982432303
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Witches Almanac
  • Size (mm): 153 x 229
  • Category: Wicca
  • Pages : 152
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