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An Advanced Guide For The Solitary Practitioner

First Shanddaramon led seekers down a path to attaining higher spirituality in his book Self-Initiation for the Solitary Witch. Now with LIVING PAGANISM he gives readers the opportunity not only to advance in their self-initiated training but literally to live Paganism. You have studied books on Paganism. You do rituals at home or in a group. You search for information about Pagan thought and practice but somehow it doesn't seem enough. You want your life to reflect your Pagan values. You don't just want to do Pagan things; you want to live your Paganism everyday and through everything you do. That is what a truly spiritual person does and as a deeply committed practicing Pagan you can learn to let your spiritual practice become more a part of your life. It can be the essence of who you are. LIVING PAGANISM picks up where Shanddaramon's last book left off and leads the practitioner to determine how to be more fulfilled through connecting spiritual practice to the many sacred cycles of life. In this book you will learn how to develop Pagan spiritual goals that are balanced and meaningful. Then you will learn to observe and become an active participant in the cosmic cycles of the universe so that you may learn to honour and use those cycles to live your Pagan values. Every day we experience the cycles of Earth the moon the sun and the changes in life. By connecting your practice to these sacred cycles you will learn to create a meaningful and magical life.

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  • Published : 12/09/2005
  • ISBN : 9781564148254
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : New Page Books
  • Size (mm): 152 x 229
  • Category: Paganism
  • Pages : 256
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