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How to Raise Joyful Children in a Stressful World

Parenting today has become far too complicated. It's never been the easiest job in the world, but with all the “parenting advice” out there, it's hard not to become bewildered. It seems that in the past it was a good deal simpler. You made sure there was dinner on the table and the kids got to school on time and no one set anything on fire and you called it a success. But today everybody has a different method for dealing with the madness. And who's to say one method is better than another? How do you choose?

The truth is that whatever drumbeat you march to, all parents would agree that we just want our kids to be happy. But in the face of all the many parenting theories out there, happiness feels like it has become incidental. That's where THE HAPPY KID HANDBOOK comes in. Katie Hurley shows parents how happiness is the key to raising confident, capable children. It's not about giving in every time your child wants something or making sure that they're going to ballet or football . Happiness is about parenting the individual, because not every child is the same and not every child will respond to parenting the same way. By exploring the differences among introverts, extroverts and everything in between, this definitive guide to parenting offers parents the specific strategies they need to meet their children exactly where they are. A back-to-basics guide to parenting, THE HAPPY KID HANDBOOK is a must-have for any parent hoping to be the best parent they can be.

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  • Published : 27/10/2015
  • ISBN : 9780399171819
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Perigee Books
  • Size (mm): 140 x 210
  • Category: Parenting
  • Pages : 320
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