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Tools for Reducing Stress, Anxiety, and Mood Swings During Your Pregnancy
Alice D. Domar with Sheila Curry Oakes

In today's perfectionistic culture, pregnant women are expected to be boundlessly optimistic and literally glowing with happiness.What often goes unacknowledged are the physical and emotional challenges of pregnancy. This book offers strategies and solutions for confronting and relieving the stress of pregnancy.
Think about some of the words so commonly used to describe a pregnant woman: "radiant," "glowing," "serene." But even for women who are thrilled to be having a baby, pregnancy can, also, be a difficult time filled with ambivalence, anxiety and moodiness. Women who are typically accustomed to having complete control over their bodies, endure waves of morning sickness, discomfort with their expanding belly, exhaustion and anxiety about the impact a baby will have on their career, relationships and freedom. Many pregnant women feel guilty about the challenging emotions; they face enormous societal pressure to be ecstatic about impending motherhood and wonder what is wrong with them when they don't feel the happiness they think they should be experiencing.
Research shows that excessive stress during pregnancy is associated with premature birth and low birth weight. But relief does not come in the form of a pill - antidepressants have the potential to cause pregnancy complications and lifelong harm to unborn babies. FINDING CALM FOR THE EXPECTANT MOM presents a seven-step programme that shows women what they can do to feel happier, calmer and less stressed in a safe and natural way. With the tools and problem-solving techniques presented here, women can adjust their expectations, restructure negative thought patterns, cultivate resiliency and become better prepared to take on the role of motherhood.

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  • Published : 06/09/2016
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