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Practical and Playful Ways for Parents to Help Children Listen, Learn, and Cooperate at Home
Lisa Holewa and Joan Rice

A kindergarten teacher's ability to guide children through an entire day of activities does not happen by accident. There are secrets teachers know about our kids that let them calmly and gracefully manage a group of kids who only hours earlier were arguing and negotiating with their parents about getting dressed, eating breakfast or brushing their teeth.

WHAT KINDERGARTEN TEACHERS KNOW is for any parent who has imagined how much easier life would be if their three- to six-year old would cooperate at home just as they do with their favourite teachers. Lisa Holewa and Joan Rice offer creative tips, tools and activities straight from the classrooms of award-winning teachers, translating them into things you can do at home to get your little ones listening, learning and thinking independently.

You’ll also get insight into what teachers know about the way kids develop and learn how to use that knowledge to keep them engaged throughout the day. Packed with real-life examples, creative ideas and practical advice, you’ll learn how to:
Give directions that your child will actually listen to and follow
Set the tone in your home just as a teacher does in her classroom
Handle transitions to keep your day running smoothly
Organise your home and schedule to make everyone's life easier
Create rules that are straightforward, fun and work for your family’s needs
Give kids the tools to handle conflicts independently
Create a sense of community and teamwork at home

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  • Published : 28/08/2008
  • ISBN : 9780399534249
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