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How to Protect Your Kid's Childhood in a Grow-Up-Too-Fast World
Marybeth Hicks

In a world of superficial values, peer pressure and out-of-control consumerism, the world needs more GEEKs: Genuine, Enthusiastic, Empowered Kids. Today's 'culture of cool' has changed the way kids grow up. Rather than enjoying innocent childhoods while developing strong, authentic characters, today's kids can become cynical - even jaded - as they absorb the dangerous messages and harmful influences of a dominant popular culture that encourages materialism, high-risk behaviour and a state of pseudo-adulthood.

Author and mother of four, Marybeth Hicks, suggests an alternative: bringing up geeks. In this groundbreaking book, she shows parents how they can help their children gain the enthusiasm to pursue their passions, not just the latest fashions; the confidence to resist peer pressure and destructive behaviour; the love of learning that helps them excel at school and in life; and the maturity to value family as well as friends, as well as make good moral decisions.

With a foundation like that, kids will grow up to be the coolest adults.

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  • Published : 28/08/2008
  • ISBN : 9780425221563
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Berkley Books
  • Size (mm): 140 x 210
  • Category: Parenting
  • Pages : 272
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