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Watching My Autistic Sons Grow Up - and Take their First Steps Into Adulthood
Corrine Morgan-Thomas with Gary Brozek

Parents of autistic children often wonder: What will happen to our kids when they grow up? Can they work? Have relationships and their own families? Here is the poignant story of one woman watching her autistic boys reach adulthood.

A single mother barely making ends meet, Corrine Morgan-Thomas could hardly afford doctors for her twins, Stephen and Phillip. After their diagnosis of autism, no one else thought these boys would ever amount to anything. But Corrine managed single-handedly to keep the boys out of institutions and in regular school. And their inspiring story became a movie - MIRACLE RUN.

The real miracle, though, was what happened where the movie left off when Stephen and Phillip graduated to face adult autism. From their diagnosis to the present day, when the boys have grown into young men leading happy lives, Corrine's eye-opening story is full of candour, humour and most of all, hope.

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  • Published : 29/10/2009
  • ISBN : 9780425225820
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Berkley Books
  • Size (mm): 140 x 216
  • Category: Parenting
  • Pages : 336
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