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A Practical Guide for Easier Toilet Training
Katie Warren

Contrary to traditional belief the transition from nappy to potty can be started even before your child's first birthday - and be fully completed by the second! Katie Warren advises taking advantage of the early months - when babies do most of their communicating on an emotional level - because that's when children understand things intuitively much sooner than they understand words or actions. The author stresses the importance of a friendly positive environment - one that lovingly encourages a child's performance on the potty - because a child responds much better to a parent's smiles laughter and enthusiastic support than to fear and coercion. If such an atmosphere prevails whenever children are on their potties - and they are made to feel happy and proud each time they are successful in their training - then they will repeat these performances just to get that same happy response from their parents. This is the underlying principle of Katie's method. POTTY TRAINING YOUR BABY includes information on everything to do with potty training including dealing with those inevitable little accidents. The material is presented in a down-to-earth fashion and is enhanced by personal flashbacks from the author's own parenting experience. Perhaps most importantly the book shows you how to turn this often dreaded and frustrating task into a time of mutual growth and learning for both you and your child.

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  • Published : 15/03/2006
  • ISBN : 9780757001802
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Square One Publishing
  • Size (mm): 152 X 229
  • Category: Parenting
  • Pages : 144
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