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Detecting The Earliest Signs of Autism
Philip Teitelbaum and Osnat Teitelbaum

The signs of autism centre on a child's social interaction - from poor eye contact to lack of verbal communication. Unfortunately, these signs usually don't reveal themselves until the age of two or three, at which point, the opportunity for improvement has lessened. But what if it were possible to detect autism within the first six months? That is the basis for Philip and Osnat Teitelbaum's book, DOES YOUR BABY HAVE AUTISM?

For nearly two decades, this dedicated husband-and-wife team has worked to develop a pre-screening programme based on physical movement. In DOES YOUR BABY HAVE AUTISM?, the authors first examine the pioneering body movement work of Noa Eshkol and Abraham Wachmann. They then explain how to identify movement disturbances that appear to be the precursors for the development of autism and Asperger's Syndrome, allowing for an 80-percent reduction in diagnosis time.

Early diagnosis can make an all-important difference in the treatment of autism. DOES YOUR BABY HAVE AUTISM? provides a key for every parent and carer who is concerned about a child's health.

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  • Published : 18/09/2008
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