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Visions of Parenting from Indigenous Cultures
Jan Reynolds

Award-winning journalist and photographer Jan Reynolds presents visions of parenting from indigenous cultures and looks at how these methods can be adapted by parents in contemporary cultures. Mothers shape the world in which we live through the love and guidance they give their children. Award-winning journalist and photographer Jan Reynolds explored the mother/child relationship through seven stages of life - marriage pregnancy birth infancy toddling independence and adolescence - while living with women in the Himalayas the Sahara the Aboriginal Outback the Amazon territory above the Arctic Circle and Mongolia. Reynolds was struck by the special relationship between these mothers and children and their deep connection with the natural environment. She found that mothers in these cultures kept their babies in constant contact with their bodies throughout the vulnerable infant stage. As toddlers the children were given more and more independence through shared tasks and activities that enabled them to grow into confident caring and balanced young adults. Her stories and photographs chronicle the ancient art of mothering and describe ways mothers in the modern world can incorporate these indigenous methods into their own lives. Jan Reynolds is co-author of EVEREST GRAND CIRCLE and the author of VANISHING CULTURES a series of seven photography books for children published by Harcourt Brace. Her photographs and articles have appeared in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC the NEW YORK TIMES and assorted outdoor magazines. She lives in Stowe Vermont.

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  • Published : 14/01/2000
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