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The Breastfeeding Book Mothers Trust, from Pregnancy Through Weaning
Kathleen Huggins Foreword by Jessica Martin-Weber Preface by Kelly Bonata

Breastfeeding is natural, but it can be challenging for new mums and their babies. Hospitals and doctors' offices often do not have the time to respond to the many questions new mums have about nursing their babies—especially when hurdles arise on nights or weekends, as they inevitably do. This book fills the gaps, with accurate advice and a warm and wise tone.
THE NURSING MOTHER'S COMPANION has been among the top two best-selling books on breastfeeding for more than 30 years, with more than one million copies sold. It is respected and recommended by professionals.
Kathleen Huggins equips breastfeeding mothers with the information they need to overcome potential difficulties and nurse their babies successfully from the first week through to whenever they choose to wean. This fully updated and revised 8th edition provides information on topics such as:
· How to cope with breastfeeding obstacles and challenges
· Incorporating a nursing routine into a working life
· Treating postpartum headaches and nausea
· Weaning, and introducing solid foods
· Expressing, storing, and feeding breast milk
· How to choose and use a breast pump, with details on specific models

THE NURSING MOTHER'S COMPANION comes complete with "Survival Guides" set off by coloured bands on the pages for quick reference, as well as appendices on determining baby's milk needs in the first six weeks, and the safety of various drugs during breastfeeding.

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  • Published : 05/10/2021
  • ISBN : 9781558329126
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