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How to Keep Your Children Healthy by Teaching Them to Eat Right
Ronni Litz Julien

You've tried preparing wholesome meals for your children but they want McDonald's instead. What can you do? Perhaps your kids are starting to look more chubby than cute - what can you say that won't make them feel bad? How can you teach your loveable junk food-eating kid better habits? Convincing your child to eat healthily isn't easy but it can be done...one habit at a time. WHAT SHOULD I FEED MY KIDS? is the first comprehensive how-to manual to help your child develop healthier habits from their first bite of food through their teenage years when the habit-forming opportunity screeches to a halt. · Packing healthy tasty school meals your kids will actually eat. · Setting up a diet plan your kids will follow. · Finding a decent meal at a fast-food restaurant. · Talking to your child about weight or eating disorders. · Getting your child off the couch and into exercising. Children's health has never been more of a major concern than today. Lack of a proper diet can lead to problems like obesity diabetes and heart disease. Adults often find it too difficult to correct their own bad eating habits in their adult years. But for our children the time to change is now.

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  • Published : 26/04/2006
  • ISBN : 9781564148575
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Career Press
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