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Growing Alongside Your Adolescent or Young Adult Child in Treatment

For many parents of troubled teenagers, a therapeutic programme that takes the child from the home for a period of time offers some respite from the daily tumult of playing up, lies and tension that has left the family under siege. However, just as the teenager is embarking on a journey of self-discovery, skill-development and emotional maturation, so parents, too, need to use this time to recognise that their own patterns may have contributed to their family’s downward spiral. This is the Parallel Process.

Using case studies garnered from her many years as an adolescent and family therapist, Krissy Pozatek shows parents of pre-teens, adolescents and young adults how they can help their children by attuning to emotions, setting limits, not rushing to their rescue and allowing them to take responsibility for their actions, while recognising their own patterns of emotional withdrawal, workaholism and of surrendering their lives and personalities to parenting. As such, THE PARALLEL PROCESS is an essential primer for all parents, whether of troubled teens or not, who are seeking to help the family stay and grow together as they negotiate the potentially difficult teenage years.

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  • Published : 25/08/2011
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