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A Roadmap for Career Women Transitioning to Stay-at-Home Moms

FROM BOARDROOM TO BABY provides emotional encouragement and practical guidance for career women who are opting out of the workforce to stay home with their children.

A recent Gallup poll concluded that stay-at-home mums were significantly less likely than working mums to consider their lives “thriving” and experienced higher rates of depression. Even so, millions of mothers are choosing to put their careers on hold and stay home with their children.

FROM BOARDROOM TO BABY shatters the stereotypes associated with “staying home” and empowers new mums to blaze their own unique paths through motherhood and beyond.

Along with a thoughtful map and modern-day tools to help mums carve out meaning and purpose in their new roles, FROM BOARDROOM TO BABY offers:

· Heartfelt stories of the author's own journey from a Fortune 500
company to life on the home front.
· Mindful exercises that prompt soul searching and self-discovery.
· Expert advice from a mental health counsellor.
· Meaningful affirmations that promote grace and strength
throughout motherhood.

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  • Published : 28/02/2018
  • ISBN : 9781632651259
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Career Press
  • Size (mm): 133 x 210
  • Category: Business
  • Pages : 240
  • Edition :
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