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The Busy Parent Series
Ken and Elizabeth Mellor

Today's world is changing very rapidly. Somehow in the midst of this we need to raise our children to live in the grown-up world that awaits them when they reach adulthood. Our families are the primary training ground for this learning. They are also the primary immediate support for all of us: physical emotional mental and spiritual. So it is important that we can make them as happy as we can. We can do this by managing our families well. It takes time of course - a commodity that always seems in short supply - and we already have lots to do. Not taking the time however is very costly because when the family as a unit starts to falter all its members will have difficulty in coping. Dealing with the subsequent difficulties generally takes far more time than the simple requirements that good family management would have taken. Points covered include: ¨ Understanding and changing your family patterns ¨ Creating balance between family life and work ¨ Learning from your childhood experiences of families ¨ Handling family conflicts ¨ Working together as a parenting team

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  • Published : 14/06/2002
  • ISBN : 9781876451127
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  • Imprint : Finch Publishing
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