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Janet Hall

Growing up is a complex process as children come to terms with the world around them. Much can be frightening to them because they are yet to develop the knowledge and thought processes to deal with new experiences to which they are exposed. If they do not receive help from their parents and other adults who they love and feel confident with these new experiences can become very frightening. Regrettably at times these fears are reinforced by inappropriate responses from adults particularly if the experience is accompanied by pain or discomfort. If these fears are allowed to go unchecked they can develop into distressing phobias. Parents need to recognise that fears are a normal part of the child's development and that the child must be helped to deal with them. This book provides a very practical approach. Having a separate section for children to read is particularly helpful. In the parents section the author correctly recognises that some fears are appropriate but then shows what to do with fears that are inappropriate. The children's section is written in a way that is understandable to children. We need to help our children grow into confident adults with appropriate responses to the happenings around them and this book can certainly be the first step for many parents. Dr. Janet Hall is a clinical psychologist hypnotherapist and public speaker. She is well known for her successful 'Boss of the Bladder' programme for children with day and night wetting problems. Dr. Hall presents workshops around Australia that promote practical strategies for families.

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  • Published : 14/06/2002
  • ISBN : 9781876451233
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