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Straightforward, Practical Strategies for Common Childhood Challenges
Dr. Sarah Hughes

All children go through periods of poor behaviour. To manage this, parents need the right strategies. To select the right strategies, they need to know what's driving their child's behaviour. In general, kids misbehave for one of two reasons: either they lack the skills they need to behave well, or they've been taught to misbehave — albeit completely unknowingly — by their parents.
In PARENTING MADE SIMPLE, Dr. Sarah Hughes gives parents strategies and tools to implement at every age and stage of development. Parents will learn the do's and don'ts of managing their child's behaviour and discover effective solutions for the best chance at raising well-adjusted children. Dr. Hughes delves deep into the behavioural development of children, including rooting out just why kids can't always behave well (hint: because their brains haven't finished developing yet), and also takes a look at behavioural disorders like ADHD and ODD. She answers the hard questions with real-world examples and scenarios and offers easy-to-implement and realistic approaches parents can adapt to a style of parenting that suits their needs. From rewarding positive behaviour to the best way to set rules and guidelines, Dr. Hughes offers a warm and commonsense approach all parents can benefit from.

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  • Published : 27/02/2020
  • ISBN : 9781925820324
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