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Why 'Crazy' Teen Behaviour Is More Normal than You Think and How You Can Deal with It Without Losing Your Mind!
Dr. Patrick C. Friman

Are you baffled by teenagers' behaviour? Even generally well-behaved teenagers can do things that anger, puzzle or frighten us. So we ask them, “Why did you do that? What were you thinking?” Most adults might be surprised to learn that a teenager's honest answers to those questions would be: “Because I felt like it” and “I wasn't thinking.”

On this DVD, Dr. Pat Friman shows his audience and viewers how the teenage brain affects teenagers' behaviour. With plenty of thought provoking, as well as laugh-out-loud examples, he explains how “insane” behaviour on the part of teenagers is actually normal considering the different rates of development of parts of the brain. Because the prefrontal cortex, which guides reason and logic, is still developing in adolescents, it is often overruled by the limbic system, the part of the brain that reacts with emotion. Wild outbursts, risk-taking (drugs, alcohol and sex) and thoughtless or embarrassing behaviour are therefore regrettable, but not abnormal behaviour in teenagers. Dr. Friman discusses eight types of “temporary adolescent insanity” including “rationality in abstentia disorder,” “woeismenia,” “truth relativitis,” “situational mutism” and “sexmania.” “Sensory interruptitis,” for example, is a teen'agers inability to hear any parental command issued in a normal tone of voice or to see clothes on the floor, unmade beds and dirty dishes. Dr. Friman then tells viewers which behaviour to address and how and which behaviors should simply be ignored as teen “insanity” that will be outgrown as youth matures. His ten tips can keep adults sane when dealing with adolescents.

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  • Published : 25/11/2010
  • ISBN : 9781934490129
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  • Imprint : Boys Town Press
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