13 & COUNTING: RESCUE ME? with free CD-rom
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13 & COUNTING: RESCUE ME? with free CD-rom
Engaging Activities to Teach and Promote Problem-Solving and Perseverance

Students sabotage their chances of academic success by allowing toxic, negative thinking to take place. Problems and difficulties seem insurmountable to many. Youth need problem-solving skills that will help propel them in the next phase of their lives. Teaching students how to view problems as opportunities through multiple problem-solving strategies is critical in fostering healthier self-esteem and independence in our youth. 13 & COUNTING: RESCUE ME? provides easy to implement, effective, strategies to foster effective problem-solving abilities in students. The lessons are time effective, relational and get to the heart of the issues. Executive function and flip classroom ideas are included throughout. Print-ready forms are on the accompanying CD.

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  • Published : 14/10/2016
  • ISBN : 9781944882006
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Boys Town Press
  • Size (mm): 216 x 279
  • Category: Reference
  • Pages : 106
  • Edition :
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