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Expanding the Boundaries of the Possible Ancient Mysteries,Unexplained Anomalies, Future Science

Considered by many to be the magazine of record for ancient mysteries, unexplained anomalies and future science, Atlantis Rising® provides some of the most astounding reading to be found anywhere.

Editor J. Douglas Kenyon has culled from the pages of Atlantis Rising® magazine this collection of 36 concise and well-illustrated articles by world-class researchers and authors such as Andrew Collins, Philip Coppens, William Henry, Frank Joseph, Robert M. Schoch and many others, who offer thought-provoking insights on a variety of topics that challenge conventional wisdom. In these pages the latest discoveries and theories on the controversial subjects are explored and even more provocative questions are raised. What emerges is a fascinating case in support of a much greater antiquity for civilisation, a well-reasoned argument for the existence of advanced technologies in prehistory and the revelation of secret forces that have been at work throughout time and are still present today.

· “The Great Pyramid and the World after Death” by Philip Coppens
· Andrew Collins exploring ancient texts for secrets of the beings “who fell” to Earth
· “San Francisco & Philadelphia: The Masonic Connection” by Stephen O'Rourke
· Mark Amaru Pinkham on the connection between the Jedi of Star Wars and ancient Persian knights
· “Easter Island's Mystery Script” by Robert M. Schoch
· Frank Joseph reveals what the ancient Andean Inca civilisation was telling us about human beginnings and endings
· “The Roswell Glyphs” by Len Kasten

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  • Published : 15/11/2016
  • ISBN : 9780990690443
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Atlantis Rising
  • Size (mm): 152 x 229
  • Category: Alternative History
  • Pages : 256
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