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A New Origin of The Species
Dr. Aaron G. Filler

Are you at all fascinated about the theories of evolution and human origins? Have you ever entertained the possibility that Darwin might be only partially correct about some of his most influential and controversial theories? Did you know that biology and evolutionary theory are in the midst of their greatest revolution in 200 years? The story of the evolution of the spine is one of the great untold narratives in the history of science. In THE UPRIGHT APE: A NEW ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES internationally known and respected biologist and neurosurgeon Dr. Aaron G. Filler explains how the spine came into being across evolutionary time and how it was moulded into human form. He traces the fascination the spinal column has held with biologists poets and philosophers alike and how they have viewed it across the centuries. Based on the most rigorous modern science and its deep and mysterious connection to the worlds of myth religion and archetype Dr. Filler's theories force a total reassessment of some of the central aspects of our interpretation of human origins. By pulling together in one text all of these remarkable stories the spine in myth the spine in evolutionary theory and the spine in human origins Dr. Filler offers the opportunity to look behind the commonplace and explore a stunning series of developments about who we are and how we came to be. This work will forever change how we see evolution the world we live in and ultimately our place in it.

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  • Published : 31/07/2007
  • ISBN : 9781564149336
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