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How the New Scientific Reality Can Change Us and Our World
Ervin Laszlo

Our world is in a Macroshift. The reality we are experiencing today is a substantially new reality - climate change, global corporations, industrialised agriculture - challenging us to change with our rapidly changing world, lest we perish. In this book, Ervin Laszlo presents a new reality map to guide us through the world shifts we are experiencing - the problems, opportunities and challenges we face individually as well as collectively - in order to help us understand what we must do during this time of great transition.

Science's cutting edge now views reality as broader, as multiple universes arising in a possibly infinite meta-universe, as well as deeper, extending into dimensions at the subatomic level. Laszlo shows that aspects of human experience that had previously been consigned to the domain of intuition and speculation are now being explored with scientific rigour and urgency.

There has been a shift in the materialistic scientific view of reality toward the multidimensional worldview of multiple interconnected realities long known by the world's great spiritual traditions. By understanding the interconnectedness of our changing world as well as our changing map of the world, we can navigate with insight, wisdom and confidence.

· Articulates humanity's critical choice to be the last decade of an outgoing, obsolete world or the first of a new and viable one
· Presents a new "reality map" to guide us through the environmental, scientific and geopolitical upheavals we are experiencing

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  • Published : 13/03/2008
  • ISBN : 9781594772337
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Inner Traditions
  • Size (mm): 152 x 230
  • Category: Popular Science
  • Pages : 176
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