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Dr Steven Manly

The idea of a multiple universe reality is no longer considered speculative or implausible by many physicists; rather, it is deemed inescapable. Distinct concepts of the multiverse spring from quantum mechanics, cosmology, string theory - based cosmology and ideas about a mathematics based reality that borders on the religious.

In this accessible and entertaining book, Dr. Manly guides you on a tour of the many multiverse concepts and provides the nontechnical background to understand them.

VISIONS OF THE MULTIVERSE explores questions such as:
· Just what is a multiverse?
· What are the different concepts of the multiverse and how are
they related?
· Is it possible to determine if we live in a multiverse...or even in
multiple types of multiverses?
· How do religious concepts of the afterlife and popular ideas based
on the Law of Attraction relate to the scientific visions of
the multiverse?

Dr. Manly discusses a wide variety of fascinating concepts - from relativity and the fundamental particles and forces of nature to dark matter, dark energy and quantum mechanics - in an unintimidating and conversational tone.

Is humanity is in the midst of a new Copernican revolution?
You decide.

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  • Published : 18/03/2011
  • ISBN : 9781601631299
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