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Kim Roberts Music Composed by Karen Grace Illustrated Lucy Byatt

OPENING2INTUITION STARTER AUDIO-CD provides a guided journey into psychic development. On the CD you will learn all the basics of psychic development. You will learn how to open up, how to protect yourself, how to create sacred space, psychic protection, grounding and closing down. Then you will be taken deeper and will be taken on two guided visualisations, one to meet your spirit guides and one to discover your past lives. The CD has been specifically designed using sacred sounds that help to open chakras and enhance psychic development.

The Opening2Intuition series is a visual process of learning that allows the reader to see how energy works. The aim is to make intuitive work available to everyone and to teach in ways that target everyone's individual learning capabilities. Energy work is not easy to understand. Some people do not necessarily see the energies at work in the world, energies that psychic and intuitive people access. This is why Opening2Intuition books are visual, showing how energy works, how various psychic development exercises work and what actually happens with energy when one opens up intuitively. With this series of books, you can work at your own pace, learning through each of the chapters, building your skills. It starts with the basics and develops your knowledge the further you go through the books. There is, also, an accompanying audio-CD designed around the exercises offered in the book. The CD has been co-created with musician, healer and psychic Karen Grace; it uses specific sound vibrations to open and expand your intuition in new ways.

· Beautiful, clearly guided visualisations for psychic development, protection and for meeting and working with your guides.
· Recorded and played by award winning musician and vocalist – not elevator new age music.
· The music was written and recorded in an 'in tune' manner by a psychic healer who is, also, a sound healer.
· The keys of the music were chosen intuitively to go with the theme of each track, honouring the processes contained in the CD.
· The music is recorded in the old musical tuning of A432, not the current A440, which many sound healers and musicians of today believe contains greater healing power and harmonises with the frequencies of the earth, the body and the solar system.
· There is a clear step-by-step process, ensuring protection, grounding and opening to intuition is done in a safe manner.
· The CD presumes no previous knowledge and is, therefore, well-suited to absolute beginners as well as those wishing to add extra protection and clarity to their psychic preparations.
· The cartoon-illustrated books (9781844097029, 9781844097036 and 9781844097043) that come with the CD are unique and user-friendly, making concepts to practise very clear.

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  • Published : 25/09/2016
  • ISBN : 9781844097050
  • Format : CD -audio
  • Imprint : Findhorn Press
  • Size (mm): 140 x 127
  • Category: Health
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