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The Initiatory Teachings of the Last Supper
Mark H. Gaffney

In the third century C.E. the Catholic Bishop Hippolytus composed a Refutation of all Heresies in which his chief target was the Gnostic sect the Naassenes whose writings included a recounting of Jesus' actual teachings during the Last Supper. Contrary to Church attacks the Gnostics were not a heretical derivative of Christianity but the authentic foundation and purveyor of Christ's message. In fact much of what now passes for Christianity has nothing to do with the original teachings of its founder. The message recorded in the Naassene Sermon was intended for an inner circle of disciples prepared for advanced initiation into Jesus' wisdom teachings on the indwelling of the sacred. The Grail discussed therein was not depicted as a vessel made holy from holding the blood of Christ. It was rather described as a symbol of the immanence in which container and contents become as one. Combined with this concept was an essentially Gnostic tradition with roots in the Vedas in which the lower waters were made sacred to carry spirit along the spine and restore the soul's connection with God. Immanence in the true sense intended by Jesus allows for spiritual understanding to be attained by the free and autonomous individual without the intermediary of the priest. This according to the Naassenes was the real meaning of the Last Supper and why they believed that Jesus was the fulfilment of all the Mystery tradition.

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  • Published : 27/05/2004
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